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Welcome to VanBanner Watches, a Vancouver-based watch microbrand established in 2020. As the sole designer behind this operation, I've committed myself to the principle of "Value at its Finest," ensuring every piece is a product of 100% original design. My mission is to bridge the gap between superior quality and affordability, making high-end craftsmanship, innovative design, and keen attention to detail accessible to everyone.

At VanBanner Watches, every component and material is meticulously sourced to create timepieces that not only captivate the eye but also stand the test of time. My unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to value ensures that each VanBanner watch meets rigorous standards of performance and style.

Proudly standing as a Canadian watch microbrand, I take immense pride in designing timepieces that reflect my passion for the craft, my dedication to customer satisfaction, and my relentless pursuit of the perfect balance between quality and value. Discover the VanBanner difference and experience the epitome of value in timekeeping.

Here's what sets VanBanner Watches apart:

  1. Outstanding Value: Each timepiece is competitively priced, offering remarkable value and maintaining its worth in the second-hand market, making it not just a purchase, but a wise investment.
  2. Unique Designs: I take pride in creating 100% original designs, including custom fonts and styling. Each VanBanner watch is a distinctive timepiece that stands apart from homage brands.
  3. Custom Components: By minimizing the use of pre-made parts and focusing on crafting bespoke components, I enhance the uniqueness and functionality of each watch.
  4. Attention to Detail: While VanBanner Watches may not be a luxury brand, I take exceptional pride in the level of finishing and polishing, making each timepiece a standout in the microbrand watch sector.
  5. Ongoing Creativity: As a committed designer, I continually explore innovative watch models that embody the essence of VanBanner Watches, transcending the realm of popular styles.

Furthermore, I've embraced minimalism in my watch packaging. The smallest possible watch box has been designed to alleviate common storage issues faced by watch enthusiasts. This approach not only prioritizes your investment in my meticulously crafted watches over unnecessary packaging, but it also echoes an environmentally-friendly ethos. Smaller packaging equates to less waste, contributing to a greener planet. After all, it's the watch you wear and cherish, not the box it arrives in.

Below is a list of my creations.

  • Trilobita (abandoned)
  • Parkingmaster 1.0 (PM 1.0) (abandoned)
  • LEA (sold out)
  • Dungeness (abandoned)
  • Goodtiming (abandoned)
  • Parkingmaster 2.0 (PM 2.0) (sold out)
  • VBAO (sold out)
  • Adroit (available now)

Please follow my Instagram @vanbannerwatches and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks for your support. My name is LV by the way.